Saturday, December 4, 2010


Looking for a cool and practical gift for the Motorcyclist in your life?
Here are a few suggestions of items we'd love to see in our stockings...

1. BMW Silver Function Sock - $25.00

One of our favorites...Comfortable boot length sock keeps feet cool and dry, Silver ions keep odor away. Great on or off the bike.

2. Schampa Neck Gaiter - $12.95

Nothing will spoil your daily commute like a blast of icy wind on your neck. This handy little fleece tube covers up that pesky gap between your jacket and helmet for a nice warm ride.

3. Helmet Guardian - $51.95

Ever walk out to your bike looking all cool, only to discover that some jerk has walked off with your $600 Shoei helmet? This handly little gadget attaches easily to your license plate frame ensuring that your expensive lids will stay put.

4. ROK Straps - $9.99 - $19.99

Jason swears by these things. Fully adjustable straps let you attach pretty much anything to your bike anywhere. These have even been used to fix a broken saddlebag on the side of the road. A must for any motorcycle trip!

5. Stopngo Tire Plug Gun Kit - $44.95

Oh no...a flat tire, and I'm on the side of the road 500 miles from the nearest shop. Roadside assistance will take 8 hours to get here-what am I gonna do? Good thing I have this handy tire plug kit. Now I can easily fix that hole in my tire and get myself to the repair shop with my dignity intact!

6. Battery Tendor International - $81.95

Let's face it...batteries are an expensive but necessary component of our motorcycles. But even the most costly battery is useless if you've left it sitting for a month and it doesn't have enough juice to crank your engine on a chilly morning. Better leave your bike hooked up to this advanced trickle charger while you're out of town for the holidays. Automatic 12v charging and storage mode will ensure your bike is ready to ride when you are. And your battery will last longer too!

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